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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boxee Box

Today, I will be trying to convince you that you can save money on your cable bill.

The Boxee Box will not only complete your entertainment center, but it could save you some money on your cable bill by offering alot of what you pay for, absolutely free of charge.

The Boxee Box's design makes it look like it is melting into the shelf that you have it placed in. Plug in the power, provide an internet connection via the ethernet port on the back, or you can rock this box wireless. For optimal speeds, it is advised by the manufacturer that you plug it in. Now, throw a HDMI cable (see the carousel above for some super cheap HDMI cables) into the Boxee Box and plug the other end into an open HDMI input on your HDTV and presto, you are able to watch any/all content from the internet in Hi-Definition.

Now lets talk about HDMI cables for just a second. HD is digital. Digital video signals are different from composite video in that there are no performance levels depending on material and build up of the cable like composite. For digital signals, you either have it or you don't. So, unlike composite, there is no need to run out and buy the phony bologna "Gold Plated" Monster HDMI cables for 50 bucks. Instead, buy them on Amazon for a couple of dollars & tax free. Trust me on this, your wallet will thank you. HDMI (digital) is HDMI (digital). Regardless if you pay $1,000 or $1 your end result will be the same.

Boxee Box gathers all of the free content from sites such as YouTube & Hulu and streams it to your television absolutely free. Netflix can be streamed to your television also, but this is a pay service. Some of the other content that you choose from your Boxee Box may also have a small fee, but in the long run it will save you money. If you don't cancel your cable or satellite service all together, you could almost definitely downgrade your service substantially.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing addition to your home entertainment.

Buying HDMI cables from Amazon is a no brainer, but did you know that everything you buy from comes to your door tax free? Spend at least $25 and shipping is free also.

Keep checking back for more posts that WILL save you money and make your life easier. Let the technology do the work, and let me show you how to do just that.

If you have questions about Boxee Box or absolutely anything technology related, post a comment below with your question and I will do everything I can to address your concern.

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